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customer service -- phone, online, chat

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Last week I wasted hours on an account problem and got lied to and put on eternal holds. Someone did contact me because of my post but they didn't provide a contact method. So today we decided to do a chat and find out why was a 2 year contract put on this account even though we had for years.Out account was set up in store as a non-contract account, by me, and the extra 10 bucks a month was explained.  Now we have a 2 year contract I noticed on bill.

After the recent ordeals and disrespect from customer service on the phone last week about another issue,  we are shopping other providers. So when I noticed this 2 year thing on my bill, i started a chat. A guy spent 15 minutes of my time asking everything and not providing the specifics. Then when I told him to quit changing the topic which was the two year contract, he said I had late fees, etc, and insinuated that we didn't pay our bills.   I asked for his employee number or identifiable information to file a complaint. He said was not allowed to give out any even though the customer service reps last week make up groups of letters and numbers and provided something. one gave a 3 digit ID and and one did like 8. so you know they were faking and lying. Well, I printed out the chat today. This company is dishonest, treats the customer disrespectfully and and won't own up to anything. I will send these chat printouts to corporate.