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contractor drop line no-show

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contractor drop line no-show

I am awaiting installation of a drop line to my home and an appointment was made to bury a cable over a week ago. The scheduled appointment was a 12-hour window today on 12/27. I stayed home from work all day to grant access to my property and nobody ever showed up. Not even a phone call. I feel like my time has been disrespected and I can't continue to stay home from work waiting for somebody who may or may not even show up. I would like to discuss exercising the 30-money back guarantee and get out while I still can please if somebody could contact me. Thank you.

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Re: contractor drop line no-show

Hello mw_gator. I have received your private messages and have responded. I am working toward helping you get your service setup. Let's continue our conversation in my private message response to you.