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received a notification through my credit report that I had an xfinity bill in collections which seemed weird to me because I haven't had xfinity for over a year and never recevied a bill via email as I usually do. I contacted chat (Case ID 5539907) with "Emmy Ruth" and was told I was sent a final bill. 


After asking many many times 1. what is being billed 2. when was I sent a bill before it going to collections she finally told me that 1. I was being billed for services before disconnection 2. I was sent a bill to the address I last received service at.


okay.. this is where it gets frustrating. Why do I need to ask you multipile times to give me in detail what I'm being billed for in detail before you start asking me to pay?? after repeating that I needed more detail on the bill she finally gave me dates after I asked for them for when I was being charged for service. which was a whole month and a half after I moved from that address. not only that, I tried to transfer services, so they knew about my move so why would they continue to charge me for services and also send a bill to my old address??


I checked my online account I don't have a bill for $56.22 it's not a lot but why am I being charged for services when I wasn't living there and why was this sent to collections without being properly notified that I owed anything. The whole time I had xfinity I received bills via email or atleast notifications about being billed. I need to know who is going to resolve this with the credit bureau and I need someone to look into this because it doesn't seem right at all it seems unfair. 


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I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

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Re: complaint

Hi, tianim - I can investigate your billing concern. Please private message me your full name, the account holder's name and address as it listed on the billing statement, a phone or an account number. Thank you!

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