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changing plans -lower cost packages and standalone internet

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changing plans -lower cost packages and standalone internet


My 2 year contract is coming to an end in a few months, and I am researching options to reduce my overall internet + tv costs.

I would like to get  a 2 year cost for:

  1. Dropping TV package and Internet only ( need 60mbps max); looking at going to sling streaming + internet; I have quotes from att for 300mpbs fiber ( 1 T at $40 per month, which they told me they would extend to 2 years. this is bundled with my att cellphone; I don't use a home phone; they also  provided UVERSE + internet quotes.


  1. a lower cost Package for TV + Internet for 2 years. Internet speeds can be lower, we only watch 12 channels now, to see if I can afford to stay with xfinity internet + tv


thanks for any options,


jimmy <Edited>

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Re: looking for options

sorry about putting my account number online....jimmy