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cannot access my Xfinity account information

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cannot access my Xfinity account information

So I've been using Xfinity wifi on demand for two weeks now. It was working just fine but suddenly it's just stopped working since yesterday. It shows full signal strength. but when I try to connect it gives no internet error.  


Now the funny thing is when I try to log in into my account using Xfinity my account app it gives an error "You are logged in but we are unable to access your account details. Please try again" No matter how much I try again it cannot access my account information. When I try to log in to my Xfinity account on Laptop (using different wifi connection) it just hangs on loading and it gets loading and loading. I can access everything else but I cannot access my account information, my Xfinity plan information or my billing and payment information. I called Xfinity support team they just transferred my call to three different guys but neither of them solved my problem regarding wifi connection or login problem. Can anyone help me?


Re: cannot access my Xfinity account information

The team that handles XFINITY WiFi On Demand issues (billing and troubleshooting) can be reached at 1-866-489-0919 (24/7 support line).

I am not an employee.