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cancelling the service

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cancelling the service

In about a month, we are moving out of the country.  We have a set top box, a modem, and two separate remote controls.  When we cancel our service, what do I have to return to the nearest service center?  And do we require an appointment ahead of time in order to cancel?  What are the hours of the service center?

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Re: cancelling the service

See If you go to a Service Center, an appointment is not necessary, but might speed up the process.


You should return all equipment rented from Comcast, especially cable boxes and modem/gateway/eMTA (phone service) devices. If you're in a generous mood, return the box power cords/power packs and the remotes as well.


If possible, get written confirmation that your account was closed, as they sometimes "forget". Also, be sure to get a receipt for the equipment you turn in, and be sure to and keep that receipt forever. See Comcast is in the habit of "forgetting" that equipment has been turned in and billing you for it months or years later.

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Re: cancelling the service

Hello r_rees, I see BruceW has given you some information, do you still need assistance? 

I am a Retired Official Comcast Employee and no longer actively support the Xfinity Forum.
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