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billing issues

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billing issues

I wasnt able to use the phone aspect of my triple play since it was installed back in July 2017 until the problem was finally resolved in January 2018. the problem here has to do with crediting me the portion of the phone bill. I prefer not to go into the details, therefore if someone in a higher possition other than the usual customer service rep to contact me or if someone could provide me with a contact to discuss this issue.


Thank you

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Re: billing issues

Hi virusakh, 


As the corporate digital care team, we primarily work through private message on social media to resolve concerns. I'd be more than happy to review your account to see how I can make this right. If you are willing to allow me to assist you, please verify your first and last name, full street address, and the phone number or account number associated with your services in a private message and we can start there. 


To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me.