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activate service

Our service is in our condo in Jensen Beach, FL, <edited to remove personal information>&nbsp; No one is in the unit.&nbsp; It has been vacant for months.&nbsp; We unplugged all 3 TVs during our absence.&nbsp; We live in northern Virginia, where we are now.&nbsp; Next Thursday we fly to FL and go to condo.&nbsp; We want to activate our service remotely now, before we leave VA on Thursday.&nbsp; Please tell us the procedures to do this.&nbsp; If we wait until we get to the unit on Thursday to activate service, we will lose a day's access at least.&nbsp; Previously, your agents told us we needed to have a service technician make a house call for a fee; but that was unnecessary.&nbsp; We are taking our two grandsons with us, and they will be very unhappy if they do not have TV and internet access upon arrival.&nbsp; Please help us out.
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Re: activate service

SO you have active service there that you are currently paying for, you just unplugged the equipment before you left ( IE, did not set disconnect or put on seasonal hold?)

If all you did was unplug the equipment and leave, then all you have to do is plug it back in and give it a few minutes (as long as you paid the bill)