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Xfinity shouldn't commit fraud!

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Xfinity shouldn't commit fraud!

Xfinity customer service is STILL awful !!  Their self install kits are pure FRAUD.  

I was a Xfinity customer for ten years of being on hold for an hour+ waiting for customer service before I spent fours better years with DirectTV. When I moved to Florida and wanted just high speed internet and I thought I'd try Xfinity again.  When ordering online I was prompted if I needed an install person to visit for $70 or did I just want to just self install kit.  I was asked to enter my address, and it confirm if I was eligible to do so, and I did.

Self install kit arrives but after hooking it up, everything worked except I couldn't access the internet.  That night I spent hours moving it to other cable outlets and thinking I was doing something wrong. Finally I gave up and had a text/chat with Xfinity the next day. After about 15 minutes they informed me they'd have to send out a technician, without saying why. I had to press them twice for why, and an answer as to whether or not the internet was actually active outside the house/street (supposedly confirmed when ordering) before they admitted it was not "on" at the street. 

They told me that now - after wasting hours of my time (worth more than $70 BTW) that I'd have to pay the $70 anyway. I refused and asked a supervisor to call.  Someone from the "escalation center" called and when I told her I was going to cancel my brand new service if I was going to have to pay the $70 on top of wasting several hours of my life on a self install kit Xfinity has no business selling customers on.  

Why shouldn't Xfinity be selling self install kits? Because this supervisor told me with millions of houses, they just can't be "sure" a significant percentage of these houses are actually ready for a self install kit.  THEN DON'T SELL SELF INSTALL KITS. It's fraudulent to frustrate your customers only to turn around and force them to pay additional $70 anyway, to send a technician out.  

I almost opted to pay the $70 in the beginning and wish I would have. But now it's a matter of principle!  So, the supervisor (who could have cared less) begin to happily process my cancellation, telling me I have to do all the work to send back the equipment.  Told me she wasn't authorized to waive more than $20 of the $50 and nobody above her was either.  

I owned and ran three private schools for thirty years and I am still an Xfinity  business customer - and I know this is no way to treat customers or run a business.  Now I'm sure many Xfinity corporate employees can tell you how much it costs to get each new customer (I'm sure, it's hundreds of dollars).  Yet Xfinity's elaborate "escalation center" that they probably spent millions of dollars creating - is all too willing to just toss away a customer over $50, when Xfinity caused the problem to start with by selling self install kits they shouldn't be selling.  That's a lot of ill will and damage to Xfinity's reputation for $50. 

If someone from Xfinity's corporate office or customer relations doesn't reach out to me to solve this stalemate, my next call will be to the FCC and anyone else willing to investigate the fraud built in to Xfinity's "self install" program.