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Xfinity prepaid

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Xfinity prepaid


I purchased their Xfinity Prepaid service on 12/30/2017 and still do not have my service activated and working. They Tell on the website all you must do is get the install kit and then call in and activate your service and your good to go. No that is not what happened in my case. I knew that I would need to have a Tech person come to my place and run a new cable wire into my apartment since my current cable provider had cut the comcast cable I previously had installed in my home. So, I called them that same day 12/30 and explained to their AGENT that I would need a Tech person to complete the setup of my service. The agent asked me a whole lot of questions about how many lights I see, and did I need to activate my service. I answered his questions, but I also made it clear to him that I need to have someone come out and run a new cable into my place. the agent said he would check to see if my address was able to have the service. I asked why, when the website said it was and the retailer I bought the kit from checked before he sold it to me. He also took my name address, phone number, zip. Anyway, the agent had me on hold for some time, then he came back to me with an "ER" number and said he created a ticket and for me to use this "ER" number when I call back to check on my service. He also said he would set up an installation, but I need to wait 48 hours to activate my service. I said okay, So I called back on the 1/2 to get an update. The Agent ask me basic questions and about how many lights are on and that they see the "ER" ticket and I just need to wait 48 hours and call back tomorrow and I should be able to activate my service. So, I call back the next day and the agent says   That I cannot activate my service because the tech person needs to come out a check the outside to make my service prepaid ready and the earliest day she has is Sunday. So, she sets up the outside install for Sunday 1/7 all Day or 1-3 pm. So, I call back again to make sure someone is coming on Sunday. The agent asks me the same questions all over again about my address, the lights, and checks to see if she can activate my service, she comes back on the phone and says yes, my service is ready to be activated and that she will call me back in ten minutes and help me set up my account and activate my service. She never calls back in 30, so I call back and the agent ask me same questions over again, about my service address, the lights, I tell her I was waiting for the agent I was speaking to before to call me back and activate my service. The agent tells me that I cannot activate my service, Because I dont have an account, I tell the agent I have an "ER" number   and a tech is coming out on Sunday to set up my service. I am really mad now and ask her why I must wait until Sunday!!! and why did that agent tell me she could activate my service.!!! The agent said before we can do anything you need an account, the "ER" number you were given was to have your account setup, once your account is open we can send a tech person out to do the installation. So, we need to wait 48 hours for your account to be set up. I went off!!!I asked to speak to a manager, he said the same thing. Today I call around 5 p.m. because I have not   seen anyone from Comcast/Xfinity outside my place. The agent says they were there and did what they needed to do. But he never came in to tell me anything or check to see if my service works, the agents said    because that was an outside installation, now you need an inside installation. And The agent said I have to wait 24 hours before they can set up my inside installation. I told the agent that I told the first agent I spoke to 7 days ago that I would need a new cable to hook up my modem. and that, that was the service I needed not outside. The agent said that the outside DID need to be done as well. I said to the agent then I first agent, if not first the second agent I spoke to should have told me that


1 the ER number was made so that they could set up my account


2 I need to wait 48 hours for my account to be created


3 once my account was created, I can then have someone come and service my address


4 that an outside service installation/check is done first, then the inside installation can be done


5 that I have to wait 24 hours after the outside service was done to set up the inside installation


6 That the setup of my prepaid service could take 48 hours to week to set up


7 and the agent should have been able to set up the date for the outside installation


 I should not have had to speak to all those agents to get the proper information I needed. That is poor customer service at its best. Those agents need training in listening to your customers, to find out what it is that they need. None of these agents used active listening, they did not ask the right questions so that they could give me the service I needed. They did not know procedures, they all should have been on the same page as far as timeline and set up of the service.

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Re: Xfinity prepaid

Same thing happened to me today.. I haven't the slightest idea why they disconnected my account today.. I don't owe them a dime, but because I bought prepaid service instead of their cable.. they'll do all they can to frustrate you..
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Re: Xfinity prepaid

Hi Pitie99, 


Sorry for the experience you're having. I can review your account to see what the cause of disconnection was and see what I can do to help get your services back up and running. In order assist you, please send me a private message verifying your first and last name, street address including city state and zip code, and the full account number or phone number associated with your services.


To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me.

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