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Xfinity Prepaid internet speed & PTSD!!!

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Xfinity Prepaid internet speed & PTSD!!!

Well here we are again after another phone call to customer service.... And someone you can't understand. I swear I have the worst service out of anyone I know. Customer service had no idea what to do..."let's try resetting your modem again"...I've done this so many times i should work for Comcast...I literally couldn't use the internet to get on this forum it's so slow.
I've had Xfinity service for a couple months now, but it's the only service available. They swear it's slow because I'm using during "peak" hours so I've included a pic of a test I did tonight on their site at 10:30pm PST.
Can't wait to move so I can waste my hard earned money on a service that actually works!!!!

Re: Xfinity Prepaid internet speed & PTSD!!!

Hello @Rippleflipper18,

Whenever you see "upside down" speeds like that  (upload faster than download) it's an indicator that you have a router issue. What you need to do is figure out if you have a Comcast issue or if you have a home networking issue. You do this by connecting directly to the modem via ethernet and testing your speeds. If you still have lousy speeds, then you'll want to check signal levels. If your speeds are fine, you can concentrate on router/wi-fi issues. 



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