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Xfinity Nightmares

4K Self Install Kit (DVR & 2 ST
Simple 1 hour job took roughly 4 hours.

I just spent half the day upgrading my set top boxes & X1 DVR to the 4K variants. Simple task turned nightmare very quickly. What should've taken an hour at most, ended up being like 4. Half of that time was spent on the phone with the most ignorant "support specialists" I have ever encountered. Took 10 minutes to get to a person, whom chose to go through their automated response system instead of getting me an agent to resolve the problems. 5 transfers later, ending on what seemed like a party call, 2 X1 supports specialists, a billing rep & a supervisor. After a bunch of BS, I had to tell them how to do their jobs...

I was sent 2 4K receiver boxes & 1 4K X1 DVR. The DVR had no issues other than the 25 minutes it took to download the operating system and populate my package. The receivers is where everything went awry. Swapped out the office box no problems. Than came the Family Room. Error message after error message, reset twice, same result, did a full system refresh, same result. The box didn't want to connect. Come to find out it was never added to my account even though it came with a paper showing my info and the box's serial number. After being told I would have to bring my original box and the new one to a service center tomorrow, I demanded a manager. He put me on hold for what seemed like eternity. Was about 20 minutes. What I got back was him and 2 other reps from other departments. Now, X1 TV Support, Technical Supervisor & Billing Specialist were all on the line... After some crafty account manuevering the group of them got it working.
Ended up having to sign off on a billing agreement to add another box to my account ($9.99/Month) but that was only temporary and I made sure it wasn't on my bill before ending the call.

What was done: With my original STB not hooked up, the new one was ported into my account for the third time. Upon reset, it went through this download process I had never seen before. 10 more minutes waiting and the box was working. Left on the line with billing, he took off the additional outlet as long as I returned all the unused equipment tomorrow.
Had to go there anyway as they failed to send me the new modem. That was on my account, inactive, 🤪.

Even though I always request a supervisor immediately when calling support, it was laughable that it took 5 of them at one point to try and figure this out. I really wish I could see the stupidity that goes on in those call centers on a daily basis...

Anybody else have any horror stories dealing with these so-called professionals?
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Re: Xfinity Nightmares

Hello ROBrien05. We sincerely apologize for your recent experience with upgrading your cable boxes. I will pass along your feedback as we have room for improvement. Please let me know if you need any further assistance with your account. 

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