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Xfinity Mobile gift cards (difficulty using $1000 card)

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Xfinity Mobile gift cards (difficulty using $1000 card)

We bought 4 new iphones when the $300 per phone deal was active.  I did actually recieve 2 gift cards.  1 for $200 and 1 for $1000.  The $200 was added to amazon for a gift card and used to replace a broken laptop. 


However the $1000 one has been a NIGHTMARE.  I tried to add it to amazon and actually got my account locked and a forced password reset.  When I called in I explained what I was doing and was told point blank that I would be DELETED if I attempted to use that card again.  Interestingly I have had an amazon account since their first years and used to even have a few of the gift travel mugs.  We buy a lot through amazon and return little.  So preventing the use of this card was worth burning a long term high value customer.   How toxic is this card to vendors?


I have been able to use it for an autorepair job and a couple of smaller internet orders.   My wife and I decided to buy ourselves Apple Watch Series 4's for  Christmas and couldn't find any good deals so I went to best buy and used their store card for 10%.  The card hasn't come but the bill has so I callled to try and acccess or at least pay something in card it doesn't arrive in time and they said they accepted Visa Debit.  I gave them the number and said take $650 (well under the amount remaining), but it was declined (and their attempted hold did show on the online tracking website for the card).


Is there some sort of hidden transaction cap (say $500) on these cards or are they just generally worthless and I'm going to have to carry hundreds of dollars of gift card at risk to be lost or swipped and spend $50-$100 at a time till its gone.