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Xfinity Exposed Wires Outside of House

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Xfinity Exposed Wires Outside of House

Dear all,


Recently, an authorized contractor of Xfinity came to the house to install my internet and did a temporary above-ground drop on the outside of the house.  There is an orange wire running from the side of the house through the backyard and to my neighbor's yard into the main box, which I understand will be bury once another crew comes out here.


However, the wires that lead to my house are exposed and are not enclosed in any sort of box, unlike the AT&T box that's currently on the side of my house (which I switched from to Xfinity).  Please refer to attached picture.


My questions are:

1.  Are these wires supposed to be enclosed in some sort of box to protect them from rain, the elements, etc.

2. Is the green wire the ground wire?  If so, why is it connected outside my power box and not to the exposed ground wire on the ground?


Thanks in advance!


Exposed wiring on side of houseExposed wiring on side of house