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Xfinity Experience is Terrible

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Xfinity Experience is Terrible

Since April 30th 2018, my internet/phone/X1 has been disconnected 18 days 1 to 4 or more times a day.  I have called Xfinity multiple times and each time their only help is to schedule a technician.  So I schedule.  Then 10 minutes later everything is working fine so I cancel the tech.  Things seem two work for maybe a week, then I go through the disconnections daily until I lose my mind and call again.  Thisis at my mom's house.  I have been living here for a year providing full time care for her, she has extensive stage cancer. My employer is allowing me to work from home.  The connectivity issues have become more than a nuisance.  Is there anyway to get some real answers and fixes to the problems from Xfinity?  Who can I call/email?  This company is completely irresponsible when it comes to customer service.


Re: Xfinity Experience is Terrible

I'm not sure what you want from us? If the remote reps can't resolve your issue, you need a tech visit. 

I am a volunteer Expert/Moderator, not an employee.