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Xfinity/Comcast Refuses to Provide Service at My New Address

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Xfinity/Comcast Refuses to Provide Service at My New Address

I recently bought a new home in Washington, DC.  I asked Comcast to send a surveyor out to my new address to look into installing services. I got a phone call from Comcast/Xfinity saying that the surveyor showed up and concluded that my address was unserviceable. A couple of background facts:


1. I am surrounded by neighbors up and down the block and across the street who use Comcast, Verizon, and RCN. It seems that everyone around me has access to these servicese except me and my next door neighbor, who also just bought her property this month.

2. There is a telephone pole with all the standard telecoms lines, including coax cables, roughly 30 feet from my front door.

3. The house is new construction (2019), and has completely new/modern wiring inside and out. There should be no internal wiring or compatibility issues.


When I asked the Comcast customer service rep for more information about why my address was unserviceable, he said he couldn't provide any details about the surveyor's decision. I asked to speak with his manager, and he refused. I asked him whether Comcast wanted my business, and he said that "internet service isn't a utility". He said to write to the CEO of Comcast if I didn't like the answer I was given.


Needless to say, this has been an opaque and infuriating process. My only request is to get some kind of information about why my address isn't serviceable so that I can advocate with the local government to fix whatever legal or infrastructure factors are preventing my house from receiving broadband internet access. I would appreciate it if someone from Comcast can respond to this post and give me any further information other than "Sorry, we can't help you."