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Xfinity Comcast Driver Road Rage

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Xfinity Comcast Driver Road Rage

To Whom It May Concern,

A few days ago I encountered a xfinity Comcast driver on the road and swerved into my lane with the purpose to startle me. I have dashcam footage ( This is dangerous driving and could have cause me to get into an accident.

License Plate #: California 65588B1 (Van #30)
Time: March 11, 2018 at 3:33:08PM
Location: Milpitas, CA. On the 237W going towards the 880N.

Re: Xfinity Comcast Driver

And you called the police to report this at the time it happened?  No?  Why not?  Would have reported this to the police at the time if it were a civilian driver?


FWIW, I don't see anything close to "road rage" there.  While the driver may have drifted over somewhat, I don't see that as an attempt to do anything to harm you.  Any car, at any time can [and does] do exactly what the driver did.  I do agree, however, that he could probably use a discussion about his driving habits. 


My big question, however, is what makes you think he was targeting you?  There was nothing in the beginning to show that you and the driver had anything going on between you that would indicate "road rage" against you.  I think there was probably something else going on with that driver at the time that had nothing to do with you.

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Re: Xfinity Comcast Driver Road Rage

Hello IHaveXfinityYay. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will be submitting this driving feedback to the appropriate team to evaluate and follow through. We take our driver and customer safety seriously. Thank you again for reporting this.