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Xfi Advantage free pods

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Xfi Advantage free pods



I have xfi advantage, I was told to wait 30-60 days for the assessement to be completed.  I waited that time, called the xfinity support line.  They told me that I waited too long for the free pods.  They said my assessment showed that I needed the pods, but since I did not respond immediately, the free option is now not available. 


So lets get this straight.  I was sold on a very expensive high speed internet that woudl include free pods if the assessment determined that I needed them, I just need to wait.  I waited.  I received the assessment, and it agreed that I need pods.  I then call to get pods, but i can not get them because I waited.  So xfinity is OK with me having dead spots in my house, even when I purchased this service so I could not have dead spots.  


I will need to investigate other internet options at this point, because xfinity has failed me.