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XFinity calls not documented or noted on our account. Customer Service rep was 100% unhelpful

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XFinity calls not documented or noted on our account. Customer Service rep was 100% unhelpful

We recently moved and will not be taking XFinity because they do not service our area. We called on the 1st of April to let them know our last day of service would be April 15. They said ok and then proceeded to call us SIX times over at two day period asking why we aren't going to use XFinity at our new home. Do these people not even know what area's they service? Every one of them said the same thing when we told them we'd already been contacted, "the notes do not show that." And that's after we asked them every time to make sure they noted it on the account. 


During those phone calls, we confirmed our service end date as the 15th and they said yep. Color me suprprised to get an Email yesterday saying our account is still active and won't end until a few more days. Oh and we now owe them for service during that time! So we called them up and the guy said in a very hard to understand accent, " Just pay the bill, we'll send you a credit." I said no. You guys have had our service end date for weeks, we confirmed it 6 times. He says "hmmm...the notes here do not refelct that." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That was either a blatant lie or nobody bothered to write notes on our account? If they set up a closure date, does it not show when we called and who it was? This is 2020, pretty sure all calls are logged. 


I ask for a manager. He says they are busy. I say I'll wait, I've worked in call centers and I know managers are around all the time making sure people are on the phone. He asks for a number to call me back. I give it to him and he replies back with the wrong number. I correct him. He does it AGAIN. I correct him again and again he gets it wrong. I feel like he's doing this on purprose. He says a manager will call me within 2 hours. That was yesterday, shocking no call. 


This is so completely unprofessional and frustrating, it's disgusting. We did everything right but they can just say it's not in the notes so tough luck. We've been customers for years, years, years and that matters for nothing. The correct reponse to this is to credit us for the time they charged us and turn our service off ASAP. XFinity Customer service is simply embarrassing.