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XFinity Home resolution office inappropriate behavior and preventing customer escalation

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XFinity Home resolution office inappropriate behavior and preventing customer escalation

In April, I moved into a very large condo community (4,000+ households) with a relatively new bulk contract for internet and cable tv with Xfinity Comcast. The cable tv itself has never actually worked, but I only tried for several hours on two separate occasions to get that fixed, which in ComcastWorld practically doesn’t count, so I don’t hold that against them.

In early April, when I was moving in, I thought it would be a great idea to go with an Xfinity home security system to go with my internet and tv. I’ve regretted that decision literally every day since it was installed on April 8th. Xfinity home has never worked. Not once. Don’t get me wrong: if I stared at the interactive screen, I could see if a door was open. And it made a “ding” sound if someone did open a door.

But that’s all it’s ever done. And that’s not security. When I opened the door and left it open to see if it was really not working or if it just appeared that way on my app (the app never connected to the security system), it beeped quickly for a while. But that’s all that happened. Literally.

On the 8th, the installer was in my home for over 4.5 hours trying to get it to connect. The problem was never the equipment, but with the connection to Xfinity Home (I guess. What do I know). The installer spent 4.5 hours at my place making call after to call to Xfinity Home tech support. I made many calls to them also. We figured that maybe one of us would get a reasonable answer from their tech support. Instead, my username and password was changed about a dozen times, and no further “help” besides the constant password reset was even offered. Worst tech support I’d ever dealt with. My next step was to phone customer service for X/Home to “get this system out of my house”. I had actually said the same thing to the installer already, and he chuckled and said that he would have called X/home to cancel within the first hour of the laughable tech support.

I called again, this time to just cancel. “Ok ma’am” was what I received on the phone. I thought I was done except for how to return the equipment. Since it never worked, there was no change on my end. I was simply waiting for information on when they would be by to pick up the equipment. Sadly, a few days later my place was flooded with a major water pipe break, and I was forced to leave my new home for the next 3.5 months (the whining is only relevant because it affects getting the equipment back when they were supposed to come get it - which they never did anyway).

Come to find out that they not only never canceled my account, but they also only documented that there were problems with installation and they left no record that I wanted this system out of my home ASAP. So 2 months later, when I get a call from XFinity Home billing dept asking for payment, I was floored. And upset. The agent was a doll and totally understood my complaint. She admitted that she would be upset and wouldn’t pay the bill either. She was an agent just calling to get a payment, so there wasn’t much she could do to help, but she tried her hardest and gave me the maximum credit she could. We discussed trying to get someone to come pick up the equipment, but at that point, my new place was being half demolished due to the leak, and only licensed pros wearing specialty breathing equipment were even legally allowed to be on the premises. This meant that I couldn’t even get in until it was all finished and the city was able to inspect and declare it safe.

Because I was displaced from my home for almost 4 months, I had this same conversation (without the credits) about every 2 weeks after that call, mostly with very sweet, understanding agents who were blown away by what was being done to me with this Home account, but who didn’t have the power to even cancel the account on my behalf. I was now being told that the account was never canceled, and now *could not* be canceled because of the “outstanding”, and constantly growing “balance”.

Fast(ish) forward to August 8, exactly 4 months to the day that this non functioning service was “installed” in my home. I was finally in my home, waiting for appliance delivery, so I thought I’d try to get this resolved once and for all (naïveté strikes again). I ended up speaking to the highest level of X/Home resolutions customer service offerings (an office in South America where they all seem to know each other, and I feel like I’ve spoken to half the staff). The first agent could not help resolve this, so I escalated to a supervisor. She was working hard to make sure her answer was “no”.

Some of the tricks in her repertoire were:

“I understand that you probably did try to cancel the first day, but unfortunately you did not try at the right time. If you had tried later, after the installer had closed the ticket, it would have worked. But you called too soon, so it didn’t count”

“If you really wanted to cancel you would have tried harder”
(minimum of 2 calls a month WHILE I was displaced from my home PLUS expressing this to billing agents every 2 weeks who were telling me the account couldn’t be canceled due to the supposed balance didn’t seem to count either)

“If you really wanted to cancel, you would have brought the equipment to the nearest Xfinity store and made them cancel your account on the spot”
(please see notes about being told no one could cancel it AND not having access to the equipment at that point).

“I don’t have the recording of the calls you had where you say you asked to cancel. I am not going to access those for you. But if you go to your local XFinity storefront, they can get you the tapes right there while you wait so that you can prove to me that you actually used the word cancel in your phone calls”
(yes. seriously)

“Even though your internet and cable is paid for through a bulk contract, it’s in your house and I can have it shut off for non payment of this bill at any time and as often as it takes”
(absolutely untrue. The bulk customer svce people were horrified that she had done and said that and they actually changed the whole internet/cable bundle account to a separate account on the same premises just to protect those services from this “resolutions” office and it’s supervisors from violating the existing contract...again)

“You don’t need to speak with my manager. He is busy, and he is just going to tell you the same thing that I’ve said. You pay us the full balance and then we will cancel your Home services. You’re wasting your time asking to speak with him. Nothing will change”.

That back and forth lasted 15 minutes. I finally had to demand to speak with her manager and remind her that it was my right to escalate this issue. She finally relented and let me escalate to the manager. I was then told that the manager would not be speaking with me at that point and that he would call me back within 24 hours.

Several days later, I had still not received a call from the manager. Supposedly he called me quite a few days later, conveniently on the very day I told them I would be at work at the hospital and unable to answer my phone.

I just went through all of this nonsense again today as my service was interrupted again (briefly, thankfully) Friday when they attempted to have my bulk service shut off right before hurricane Dorian was set to hit. The process was almost exactly the same (at least this supervisor didn’t lie to me about anything, but I could hear the previous supervisor talking to him and coaching him in the background). Once again I wanted to escalate. Once again I was told the manager would be unable to speak with me on the phone and that I would not be allowed to hold for the manager. I was told I could not escalate beyond this manager “because you have to go to each step in the escalation process and you need to speak with the manager first”.

I had already waited days for a call from the manager. More than once.
I should be allowed to make my complaint and escalate this to the next level. But they say that if I don’t speak with the manager (the one that doesn’t call on the days he’s supposed to and never takes the calls when the customer is on the line), Im told I can not escalate. And my prior attempts to escalate to the manager “don’t count”. I guess this way they manage to prevent anyone from being able to escalate beyond their office.

Finally, I had to call the bulk services customer service division. At this point, they are going to listen to the phone call I had with the first supervisor and if they hear in that recording me asking to speak with the manager and asking to escalate this issue past the supervisor, they will at least (they say) investigate why they have prevented me from escalating past a manager who does not make himself available so that customers can move on the the next level of escalation (hopefully outside of that office). I still can’t get the next level of escalation on my own, but if (when) they hear that I was lied to as well as not being given the chance to speak with a a manager, I can escalate through their department instead.

On the upside, the first agent I spoke to today at the South American resolution office did finally cancel the account. Turns out, the supervisors at the “resolution office” could have canceled it long ago when I first started escalating the issue of being charged for and trying to cancel this non functioning system...if they wanted to.

My credit is being effected by all of this.

My stress level was already through the roof having to move from motel to motel while starting 2 jobs in my new location. Having to grapple with this on a constant basis has almost put me over the top.

I’m now having to put together a formal complaint, and present it to all of the the condo boards in my community to have them end our contract with XFinity. Given that I’ve been asked to be the Resident Liason for the biggest association in the community, this could easily come to be. Especially since divisions of XFinity have gone out of their way to break our contract more than once just in this one issue.