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X1 tv box necessary to watch shows on laptop

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X1 tv box necessary to watch shows on laptop

I signed up for the standard internet and tv package. I do not want to run cable cords from my closet to the living room. I thought I could just return the cable box the comcast agent gave me when I signed up. 


When I went to return, he said that if he removes that box, which is a 2.68 rental fee a month, I won't be able to stream tv on my laptop as I have been doing. 


Is this true? Are there workarounds that? I think it's pretty annoying that I can't just return this box and not pay the fee just so I can continue streaming on computer or laptop. I mean if you list it more as 2.68 for availability to stream on top of the service I'm already paying for.. maybe it would sit better. 


Re: X1 tv box necessary to watch shows on laptop

Is this the plan you have?  Or did you pick one of the regular plans? 

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