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X1 complaint

I have four (4) TV's in my home, two (2) of which are  X1 boxes. On Saturday, July 28,2018 at 11am, my X1 box started a update and it seemed to caught in a loop because it wouldn't complete the update, and it kept trying to reboot.


At 1:15pm, I called 1-800-COMCAST, and spoke to a CSR who went thru some troubleshooting prompts with me to no avail. He then told me, that the update needs 1 hour to complete the X1 update. He told me that he would call me back in 1 hour. THAT NEVER HAPPENED!


At 2:30pm I called 1-800-COMCAST back and spoke to a CSR who went thru the same troubleshooting prompts, again to no avail. She informed me that a tech would have to come out and fix the problem. Tuesday, July 31 is the earliest appointment available. I informed the CSR that I cannot wait four (4)days, It is the middle of summertime and I have kids, so I need my TV. There was no more she could do at her level, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was then connected to employee id# BLONGA001. This CSR was so helpful (I thought), after I stated that I need my TV, he said he totally understands and he told me that after he was sent a message to leadership he found me a appointment for Sunday, July 29 between 1-4. I was elated, thinking that Comcast really came thru. I should have known better.


On Sunday, July 29,2018 I received a phone call in the morning confirming my appointment, then hours later I received another call stating that the tech is running behind an hour or two. That was fine. Then at 6pm I called and spoke to Tony ID# 22471 and she told me that she cold not get a tech out to me today, and the only way a tech would have came out to me today was if there was a cancellation. She said the CSR should never have made that appointment.  I said "NO, I was promised a tech between 1-4, she said sorry, nothing I can do"  All she could do was get a tech out on Tuesday, July 31,2018.


I am ready to call DIRECT TV today because in all the years I had them prior to COMCAST,  I never had this problem, I CANNOT believe COMCAST has CSR reps making appointments that they know are not going to happen. That is FRAUD!


I need a tech out to my house today, otherwise I am done with COMCAST!