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X1 DVR & Service Problems

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X1 DVR & Service Problems

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to troubleshoot a few different issues that I have been experiencing, and thus far I have not been able to identify an actual root cause or a potential resolution. I'm sorry if this seems more like a rant, but these constant problems have been going on for a year now, and it seems a resolution is not insight.


The Problem

At first audio video drop outs, while playing back DVR recordings, and watching Live TV, coupled with intermittent latency increases and packet loss. This turned into frequent outages sometimes lasting a few minutes up to a few hours. Now the frequent outages have stopped, but the original problem has not. Over the past two weeks, I have had DVR recordings that have not completed (a 1 hour recording has become a 30 something minute recording, and a 30 minute recording became a 15+ minute recording), only recorded partial parts of programs, recordings tell me they are unavailable for playback, and intermittent audio drops when playing recordings back. I have also noticed when playing back recording the video quality seems to drop at times, and the picture looks somewhat pixelated for short intermitent periods. I have also tried playing the recordings back though Cloud DVR on mobile devices to find the audio drops at the exact same points in the recording.


Back Story

I have been experiencing problems with my X1 and related (Internet & Phone) services for around a year now. When I first switched to the X1 platform when the MPEG4 transition was beginning in my area, I had non-stop issues with audio and video dropouts, and strange DVR behavior. After multiple tech visits, and back and fourth communication with the tech supervisor for my area, the problem continued to get worse. Audio and video drops out turned into one to two + hour outages, affecting all services, without any idea of when these issues would be resolved. At one point support was telling me there where outages on my node daily lasting anywhere from a few minutes, to hours. The tech supervisor worked with me over several weeks, and replaced all of the coaxial cable run in the my home, to eliminate any potential inside issue, and it was determined issues on a sister node to the node I am on, was causing the outages. The X1 boxes and cable modem where swapped too many times to count throughout this process. Last fall, in October, I was told by the tech supervisor that a node split was scheduled to occur in Q1 of this year, and once complete, should fix the problems I have been experiencing. I sat in silence while the problems continued to occur until April when Q2 began, and while the frequent complete outages had stopped, the audio and video drop outs continued, DVR problems remained,  and intermittent packet loss and latency jumps caused Internet access issues. 


April 2018 - Today

In mid April I called and left messages for the Tech Supervisor for my area, and spoke to technical support about these issues once again. My calls where not returned, and in early May I had a tech scheduled to come out and take a look at the issues. I explained the DVR issues to the tech and I also explained the issues I have been experiencing with Internet connectivity. I inquired about the node split, which the tech was unable to confirm or deny it had occurred, and swapped my boxes out indicating he believed the signal levels to my equipment where excellent. The tech swapped my X1 DVR with a new 4K box, and spent around 45 minutes trying to get the box activated, including a phone call to advanced technical support. Without any success getting the box activated, advanced technical support told him to swap the box again, this resulted in a another 30 minute endeavour to get the new box activated. Once the box was activated the tech told me the signal levels where all good, and if I continue to have problems, I should contact the tech supervisor. I learned the tech supervisor for my area was out of the office and another tech supervisor is supposed to be covering for him for the foreseeable future.


Shortly after tech left, I noticed my X1 client box was no longer working and indicated that my equipment needs to be restarted. After restarting both boxes numerous times, I was unsuccessful in getting the client box back up and running. I called technical support and they believed the firmware on my client box needed to be updated to work with the new 4K box. They created a ticket and told me advanced technical support would contact me within 24 hours, and a few hours later, the client box started working again. The next morning, I found the power light on the client box was flashing, and a message appeared on my TV saying it was unable to connect to the X1 platform. I rebooted the box to the same error message once again, and looked at the 4K DVR to find it too had the same message on the screen. I rebooted both boxes and still received this message. I called technical support and they sent a "signal" to the boxes and they once again started working. By late afternoon the problem had one again returned and the 4K DVR was prompting me to select a language like it had never been setup before. I went through the setup process and once again the boxes started working. After monitoring the issue for a few days, the problems continued, and I called technical support again. A ticket was opened to escalate this issue to the covering tech supervisor, and I spoke with the tech supervisor on May 23rd. The tech supervisor scheduled a lead tech to come out later that week on May 25th, and he told me the node health was good, and the signal level where great to my equipment. He proceeded to tell me he thought the issues I am seeing are due to an account issue. The tech took a look at everything, and told me the signal levels where good. The tech once again swapped my boxes, replacing my 4K DVR box, with a non DVR box, since Cloud DVR is active on my account. He told me he noticed a slight signal problem, that he did not believe was causing my issue, and submitted a ticket for the maintenance crews to take a look at. I learned that the node split that was scheduled for Q1 did occur.


Fast forward a few days, and I called tech support again to learn the maintenance ticket was closed, however the problem still exists. Since I have had DVR recordings that have only partially recorded some programs, intermittent audio drops when playing recordings back (for seconds at a time), and even have a recording tell me it was unavailable for playback at this time. Interestingly since I did not have a DVR box at this point, I'm not exactly sure how the recordings where working at this point. Are tuners on the box used to stream content to be saved in the cloud, or is the content recorded in the cloud? This box was terribly slow and last week I ended up swapping it out for a 4K DVR box again.


Now what?

Since the end of May I have been attempting to contact the covering tech supervisor to try and get these issues addressed once again. Technical support has created tickets to have him call me, and these have gone without a response to me. I have spoke with tier 3 technical support and they have told me there is definitely a signal problem affecting my equipment, they have told me there is a downstream SNR issue, and they have measured packet loss to the equipment. Multiple agents have documented this in tickets, that have not resulted in a response. Multiple call center supervisors I have spoke with have told me that have sent email messages to him in an attempt to get him to contact me. I personally called and left a message for him at the end of May, and once again on June 4th, without any response. Since, I have been promised multiple times someone will contact me, but no one ever does. Last Friday an escalation ticket was created, with a response needed within 3 business days, and here we are on Wednesday (3 business days later), and once again no one has contacted me.


At this point I'm not sure what needs to be done to resolve these issues, or what else I can do to go about getting these issues resolved. I currently have another tech scheduled to come out on Friday, but at this point I am highly doubtful, this is going to help.



Re: X1 DVR & Service Problems

I have escalated your issue to the Comcast Team available to these forums. Check back often for a reply in this thread from a Comcast Official Employee.

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Re: X1 DVR & Service Problems

Hi caperailfan. I can assist with moving your issue forward toward resolution. I'd like to start with polling the CMTS for real-time and historical RF signal reports from your X1 DVR Modem. I can also check your local Node/Plant for any degradation or error reports. Please send me a private message and include your full name and account primary phone number so I can access your equipment.

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