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Wrong Netflix Being Charged

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Wrong Netflix Being Charged

Hi everyone. I am having issues with which if my Netflix accounts is being charged through Comcast.

Prior to having Comcast, I had my own Netflix account that was paid for separately. At some point, this account was paid for by Comcast - I think a while ago, I signed into Netflix from my box, it linked, and it started being charged by Comcast. However, I think this was accidental; I didn't have the plan that paid for Netflix at the time. But...of course, I said nothing. (I could also be wrong and I could have had that plan at the time but not known.)

Later, I upgraded to a different plan that DID include Netflix through I thought I was fine. However, at some point, Comcast did not realize that I had linked my Netflix account to Comcast and they created a new account for me. This new account bumped off my old account, and I am now paying for my old account in addition to having this new account through Comcast.

What I am looking to do is:
Delete the new account
Re-link the old account (and thus stop paying for my preferred account)

I believe that this goal is possible both because Comcast has said that any existing Netflix account could be linked to a Comcast and paid for by Comcast, as well as because the FAQs for Comcast indicates that this is a problem that can happen and that has a solution.

Comcast says that the solution is to delete the new account through Comcast's X1 box and then to contact Comcast to re-link the correct account. The problem is that when I try to perform this step the option is not available on my X1 box, so I contact customer support to do this, Comcast then says that they cannot delete it themselves, they say that Netflix has to delete it, and then Netflix says that Comcast has to delete it.

All I want is to have the new account deleted. Every time I contact Comcast to accomplish this, we go around in circles, I'm sent back and forth between Netflix, and I am still paying for my preferred account separately. Someone...please help.