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Worst service ever

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Worst service ever

I've had xfinity mobile for 2 months, not once have I been able to get through to talk to an agent or get any kind of help torwards my account.
Problem is,is I get an email telling me my bill is due, I click that email only to be told I don't have service and do I want to sign up. I've had service for 2 months but can't get a hold of anyone to pay my bill or even get protection on my phone.
My service is now suspended and I continue to be on hold only to get disconnected or Told "try later,good Bye". So now I'm without service for the past 3 days and continue my 2 month journey to get in touch with someone at the mobile department.
If not resolved by tomorrow morning, I'm just going elsewhere......the worst experience ever and highly recommending to avoid it and go elsewhere as well.
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Re: Worst service ever

Hello, Dmeyer773. Our system reflects that you've already been in touch with our Facebook support team regarding this issue. Please direct any additional questions or concerns you may have to your active private message conversation with our Facebook team and they should be able to help out.