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Worst customer service ever <<again>>

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Worst customer service ever <<again>>

I am disabled and SSDI, so I have a limited income. Comcast doesn’t care. EVERY SINGLE YEAR, Comcast finds a way to increase my rates. Without exception. I started off in 2011 with Comcast paying $29 per month, and now, 7 scant years later, it’s up to $135. That’s with me FIGHTING with Comcast to keep my rates down. What does it say about Comcast when I pay more for 2 services than I pay for gas, electric and water utility services combined? If I had kids in WV, you’d offer me a special internet package, and those kids eat up all the bandwidth on my street, but because I’m “just” disabled, I get substandard internet at the highest rate possible. Nice.


When I mentioned FIGHTING with Comcast customer service department, I mean FIGHTING EVERY single year. I call in every year and I’m given a contract with Comcast csr’s over the phone. Each year they tell me, “Now this rate will go up, but you just call us back and we’ll find a better rate for you.” I’m convinced this is Comcast’s bait and switch scam. No matter what, my rate increases EVERY year. But, I fall for the scam, I call in and  I’m given a new rate which is still an increase, but at least I’m not getting slammed again for their full amounts. EVERY YEAR the same thing happens: the csr presents and confirms for me a new plan with a “reduced rate” and I think the worst is over. But, oh no... the nightmare is just beginning. Because, you see, whatever that agreement is, *poof*, it just disappears from Comcast’s systems. If you only knew the multitutude of lies and excuses I’ve heard from the many Comcast employees that I’ve had to follow-up with... I’ve Spent SOOO many hours on the phone being transferred around the planet, each time having to verify my identity and explain my problems., hearing every excuse and story in the book, only to be transferred again. Somehow, Comcast ALWAYS loses the agreement their own representative presented to me, put me on hold, and confirmed for me. Comcast conveniently loses the call logs, the notes, the call recordings... Even if they find the notes, somehow, as if by design, the notes are incomplete or worse yet, completely incorrect. The csr’s then blame me: do you know who you spoke with? Do you have confirmation? When I have those details, they still somehow can’t find anything. I even had one Comcast csr accuse me of lying two years ago. This year, at least one of the CSR’s at least tried a more polite version of the same accusation...


So far this year, I’m nearly two hours into this annual process. I find myself screaming at CSRs because I’m fed up. But, hey, 2 hours is nothing! It’s not even half the amount of hours I spent in 2017 or 2016 individually trying to get Comcast honor a contract a Comcast csr offered me and confirmed weeks earlier. But, yeah, *poof*, those contracts just weren’t there.


i have to ask you, Comcast, do you do this to customers purposely to get us to just swallow your perpetual price gouging? If you keep up this routine, is your corporate game plan set so that customers will just lay down their arms, give up and fight and PAY MORE AND MORE AND MORE? Or is it gross incompetence and system failure? I’m betting on the former....


Oh, and don’t get me started on the internet service... I lose connections to Comcast servers a dozen times per day, every day. That’s on a GOOD day. When I do have service, and it isn’t dropping, many days my DOWNLOAD speeds are between 2 and 12 MBPS. I am supposed to have speeds of 150 MBPS. Like I said, I have no kids and limited devices. I’m convinced this is ANOTHER Comcast bait and switch game.  Whenever I call to complain about slow service, my internet speed magically and immediately goes back up to 25 -50 MBPS (NEVER anywhere NEAR 100 MBPS, let alone the 150 MBPS they advertise and contract) for a week or a month, and then I’m right back down to super slow speeds and dropped server connections until the next time I call.


So, here I am again, waiting for a Customer Retention Supervisor to call me back at his/her convenience so that I can have the plan THEY presented to me on 12/04/2018 at 8:29 am to be honored. I was promised such a callback yesterday (“My supervisor will call you back and you won’t lose your line in queue”, said the Customer Retention csr.) When I actually got a return call hours later, as I was stepping out of the shower, it WAS a supervisor, but not from Customer Retention. Really? I had already spokn with a regular CSR supervisor: that’s how I ended up, after explaining my story to FOUR other people, getting transferred to Customer Retention. So, I asked that a Customer Retention Supervisor call me back. When I got no callback, I was forced to call Comcast again today, and after having to be transferred between departments, I was told by the Customer Retention csr that the regular supervisor from the day before had CLSOED MY TICKET.  Again, REALLY? Is this situation resolved? Does Comcast really think I am paying this exorbitant bill when I was promised a better contract 10 days ago from YOUR CSR’s? 


Why Do I go through this EVERY SINGLE YEAR with Comcast? Why? I have now spent two hours this year, and was transferred between FIVE people yesterday and, so far, THREE people today, to get you to honor a contract YOUR CSR committed to... Arg! Still, I wait, and still no resolve. But, again, if the past two years are any indicator, and they are, we’re just getting started.


It is ALL I can do to keep from outright cancelling my contract with Comcast, writing the FTC AND FCC and wiping my hands of you. I’m tired of this abuse. I have a smart t.v., DVD’s and I can find other internet service. Surely something is better than this hassle. Netflix is, I’m sure, and much cheaper. Comcast has become the bad boyfriend that you just need to dump.

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Re: Worst customer service ever <<again>>

Hi there, Blancheee8. I can see you reached out to our Facebook team. I am here if you have any questions. 

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