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Worst Customer Service!

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Worst Customer Service!

I WAS a potential new customer, but I have had the worst customer service experience in my life. The agent that signed me up for new service lied to me and “assured” me that I qualified for a $500 VISA gift card promo, then once I signed up, suddenly the gift card promo no longer existed. I also ordered a new mobile phone from Xfinity mobile that was promised to be delivered by 12/22, and suddenly they can’t find my order. And to top it off, the installation appointment that was scheduled for tomorrow was cancelled by Xfinity and when I called to ask them why it was cancelled, they told me that I didn’t complete an automated agreement - which I did - and that I would have to resign up for the Triple Play package which magically went up in price from the package that I had signed up for 2 days ago. This is complete and utter idiocy, not to mention fraud!
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Re: Worst Customer Service!

Hi ChicagoMama, I am showing you called in after this post and talked to a supervisor.  Please let me know if you have any further questions.



Thank you