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Wonky TV service since underground cable replaced

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Wonky TV service since underground cable replaced

I was forced by Comcast to allow them to make a mess of my yard by replacing my cable even though my Internet speed was over 900 Mb/s and my TV reception was always perfect.

This all started when I had a card put on my door telling me to call Comcast. They sent a man who said the signal wasn’t making it to my house properly. There was a signal leakage.

This despite the fact that I was getting perfect television reception and excellent Internet speed.

Then followed over a month of a clown show with Comcast sending me messages that my yard had been marked off for digging, when it had not, there were no flags anywhere, followed three weeks later with the Verizon cable all of a sudden having been marked but nothing else. Two weeks after that, last Thursday, a man showed up and started marking the other underground utilities, telling me that he had been called by Comcast as an emergency call and he had to put those flags down within an hour. Apparently the subcontractors had been here to start the digging in the morning and couldn’t do it without everything being marked.

The subcontractors then showed up at 2 PM as I was leaving for the doctor’s, and I saw the truck leaving as I drove back into my development at 4 PM. I found a messy looking, dug up yard, and my television not working properly, so I rebooted the box. At that point, I got an error screen which told me to try rebooting again. I did, several times, but it did not help.

I called Comcast who rebooted once again, said they weren’t getting a signal, and told me they would send me a technician the next day. Within a few hours, I happened to turn on the television, and it was back. That was last Thursday.

Last night, Saturday night, I lost one of the cable news channels. Just three moving horizontal dots in the middle of a black screen. At the same time, switching channels became very slow, with the same three dots showing in the middle of the screen, like buffering, before the new channel would come up.

I rebooted the cable box and got the cable news channel back, but switching channels still had the same issue.

This morning, I rebooted the box, and now I have no television at all. Just like last Thursday after they first put in the new cable, I get a message saying there’s an error and to restart again. It doesn’t help. It just tells me there’s a problem and to try again. I called and spoke to someone in Asia.

Now Comcast is supposed to be sending a guy tomorrow, after going through another whole day with no television. I don’t trust this technician to fix things. I don’t even trust that the guy will show up. Comcast has been so confused about the what’s going on here. And if he does, will he refuse to acknowledge that I had absolutely no problems whatsoever until last Thursday when they replaced a perfectly good cable and try to blame my issues on something else when I know, for a fact, that everything was working perfectly right up until the minute they pulled out my old cable and put in a new one?

BTW, the subcontractor who put in the cables left me a card with their phone number if I had any issues. I’ve called twice, on Thursday and then on Friday, both time getting voicemail and asking them to call, and never getting a call back.