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Wireless signal blocking - federal crime

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Wireless signal blocking - federal crime

Just providing feedback about your service. It is very slow and non responsive even though everything seems to be in place and there are no reported internet outages in the area, i seem to be the only person on the block with internet problems. It takes 10 whole minutes to connect to a wireless network from a device, tv, phone and/or computer. Very dissappointing. And to top it off, there are two xfinity employees that come on around the block to intimidate people and throwing themselves around on weekends with their so called hacking knowledge. They work at the customer service office on bridge street in yuba city, ca and are two young male adults, ghey seem to be from mexican descent and in their 20's. they keep talking about having a box or something or other...just keep that in mind.  The two people who clainm to have that kind of hacking power are xfinity employees who work in the customer service office in Yuba City, CA, and carry this so called box around from place to place around the block and all of a sudden, from early afternoon to about 3am in the morning, one can only connect using an xfinity pass!! that is the only thing nthey cannot seem to block, and I have had all kinds of error messages that make no sense
Any advice will be greatly appreciated

Other than reporting any and every incident to the FCC and the IC3 that is...

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Call the Police

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Re: Wireless signal blocking - federal crime

melaodecafe, thanks for taking the time to share your internet connection concerns and your observation of those employees. I'd like to investigate this further and get to the root of your connection issues and get more information about these employees as well. Please send me a private message with your full name for help. 



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