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Wifi On Demand Data Usage

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Wifi On Demand Data Usage


A few days ago I bought an access pass for a month. Last I checked my account showed I had used 192.73 GB. I don't see how that is even possible considering my speeds are very low (.6 mbps and lower). I've not been downloading large files and the only HD videos I've watched were a few music videos on youtube.


I've run a virus scan but it shows everything as clean. It's only this computer that's connected to the internet - no other devices what so ever.


Should I be concerned about this?


Is there a data cap for wifi on demand that I'm in danger of going over?

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Re: Wifi On Demand Data Usage

Hi Em758, thank you for reaching out, you can refer to our FAQ page or call 1-866-489-0919 (24/7 line) for further assistance with WiFi on Demand.


Thank you