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Why should I be paying a full year for service I have not received?

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Why should I be paying a full year for service I have not received?

I have been paying for internet and TV for an entire year but have yet to receive all the services I have been paying for!  Plus, I've just discovered I have been paying for phone service that I not only did not know about it but no one has bothered to tell me, either!   I have contacted Comcast for help, so many times I can not count, and still I am unable to get the help required and so very tired of trying to get a resolution, ie. second TV that suppose to work with cable but only receives a few channels that I have to manually manipulate for some time to even have these work!  I have so many issues that I will not bother to discuss all here but I want to say now I find myself in a situation that I am "suppose" to pay for another year of this and can not do so with a good conscious!  How and why do they require to pay for services that one does not receive?  I am so frustrated and extremely distressed trying to get my system working properly and at this point just want to end all communication with this company!  It is not right that I phoned technical support and spend hours upon hours, as well as speaking with one tech. after another,  only to end up in the same situation as if I had never phoned and on some occasions in worse condition!  I have had many technicians come to my home only to find they can not correct the problem either!   I had to setting up my own internet and television because they could not do the job!  I am paying for ethernet and only receiving wi-fi!  I gave up trying to get ethernet a long time ago.  I finally acknowledged that I will never get my second television working properly and hardly ever use it due to the inconsistentcy of so many issues!   I want my contract with Comcast/Xfinity to end at the end of this month and only then because I just paid for this month!  I do not know whatelse there is to do!  I just do not wish to be told I owe more money for another year when the first year I paid for had never been correct to begin with and I believe never will!

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Re: Why should I be paying a full year for service I have not received?

You receive a bill every month, paper or paperless, that shows in detail what you are paying for. No excuse there. & You are paying for ethernet and only receiving wifi? What does that even mean?
If your service could not be fixed, then you could have cancelled without penalty even if in a contract, as long as you gave a fair shot letting the technicians fix the service.

Basically, you are saying you blindly paid whatever was asked for services you weren't aware of, that was not working. Okay, that is on you, but going forward if the service can not be fixed, then cut it off. I don't believe you have given a fair chance for the technicians to fix the service, and that YOU set it up yourself given your jargon on ethernet/wifi, and lack of knowledge about your service in general. Let a corp rep here schedule a tech and follow up on it, is my advice.