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Why is upgrading my modem so hard?

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Why is upgrading my modem so hard?

Although I have had my fair share of bad experiences with Comcast reps over the years, I am really aggravated by the latest.


I get emails AND a snail mail letter stating that my voice modem is end of life, we'll replace it for free, go to a certain website.  Great, I think.


I go to the website, log in, etc.... and it tells me it's shipping it to my service address.  Which no one lives at full time.  Okay, I try to chat with a rep to have it sent to my billing address.  (Side note:  the billing address has been the same billing address since I have opened this account.)  Rep says, that will cost you for us to send it.  (All the docs/emails I have say it'll be shipped for free.)


I call the 1-800 number, the rep I speak to -- although very nice -- can't help and transfers me somewhere else, where that rep says it cannot be done, I either have to pay for it, or I can wait three days, call back, ask for the shipping department and have them change the shipping address then.  WHAT??  But make sure I get this new gateway before the old gateway stops functioning.


Fine.  I go the X-finity retail store.  I make an appointment and walk in.  The RUDEST rep I have every dealt with tells me that nope, they can't give me a new gateway without my bringing my current gateway in first, they will charge me from the time I have it and they WILL NOT credit my account, even if I call to complain.  


I walked out.


The service address for the account I am dealing with does not have a convenient X-finity store -- especially with the upcoming holiday weekend.  


I tried reaching out to the Comcast Cares team without a response.


I know there's no shortage of horrible Comcast stories, but my experience has strengthened my resolve to find an alternative means as soon as I am able.  






Re: Why is upgrading my modem so hard?

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

I am a volunteer Expert/Moderator, not an employee.

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Re: Why is upgrading my modem so hard?

Me118, sorry to hear about your experience. Let's upgrade your modem. Please send me a private message with your full name, address, and phone number tied to your residential services for help.