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Why is it so difficult?

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Why is it so difficult?

I put in a request to move service to my new house last week. The person I talked to was very nice and got me a great deal. My appointment was on Wednesday, the tech showed up and immediately said that they couldn't install the temporary line (there was no previous service) because of my walkway. There's no public sidewalk, just a walkway to my house. I didn't think this was right so I called up Comcast to get them to give me a waiver or something.


The rep I talked to ignored my request for a waiver and said that they could get someone out this Friday to trench the line. I verified with him several times that this would be for trenching, he said yes. Yesterday I noticed I had no notifications, no calls verifying the appointment so I called again. They said it was scheduled, gave me a confimation number and I verified again that this would be for trenching. Again they said yes.

Today my apointment window comes and goes and no one shows up. I call comcast and they said it will be up to 2 weeks before it can be installed and there's nothing that can be done about it. I ask to speak to a supervisor and they weren't helpful either. They said that they would transfer me to technical support and after waiting on hold for an hour I never got transferred.


While waiting on hold I decided to call and talk to retentions to see if they can do anything for me. They couldn't, the person I talked to kept talking about drops and needing the construction team to come out to bury the line. The pedstal is directly in front of my house. I don't need it buried right away but I do need internet service right away. Which leads to my subject, why is it so difficult? Why can't I get a temporary line from the pedstal to my house until the construction team comes out?