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Why is a speed upgrade so difficult?

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Why is a speed upgrade so difficult?

I have Performance Starter and as I am about 4 months in , I am still on my new customer promo.  While speed tests are generally good , my latency is poor and given that I am home a lot and so is everyone else, I contacted chat and figured that given the hard times we are in , I could maybe get a speed bump as a courtesy for a single month as many Fortune 100 companies are being very accommodating to customers at this time. 

I contacted chat but maybe I was with the wrong department (repair) because It took about asking 10 times to even get a price as to what a speed upgrade would be and she offered some ridiculous amount - $30 more to go from 25MBPS to 100MBPS, much more than double what I am paying for Performance Starter,  this was insulting.

She kept bragging to me that Xfinity Hotspots are free.   How does that help me when I am quarantined, plus even though it is supposed to be unlimited now, it still comes up as 1 hour sessions , limited to 40 from my home and speeds are not faster than Performance Starter?  And unlimited data caps do not help me as  I never come close to half a terabyte a month anyway.


Why can't speed upgrades be simple?  If you login to your account and check upgrades, it either  says contact us or has exorbitant upgrades that would not be rational for anyone who can do math to do.