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Why is Comcast customer service so awful?


Why is Comcast customer service so awful?

So, I had a complete outage today.  Everything.  Phone, TV, Internet and Home Security.  I called for support, resigning myself to the normal 5 minutes of navigating their IVR system in an attempt to get a live human from India on the phone, only it wasn't possible.  Always getting the message to hit "1" to go to the main menu, where you have to start all over again, or alternatively, getting a cheerful message and then having Comcast hang up on me. 

I tried support for TV.  I tried support for Internet.  I tried support for Phone.  Finally, I figured I'd go for home security because they ALWAYS answer and can sometimes route me directly to an appropriate agent.  Nope.  Not even home security responded.

So I called back again, extremely frustrated, and said I wanted to add a new service.  Guess what?  I got a live agent IMMEDIATELY!!


Comcast doesn't care about supporting loyal, long time customers who pay a lot of money.  But if you're someone wanting to add a service, you get immediate satisfaction.