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Why can't you stand behind your product?

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Why can't you stand behind your product?

I am a new comcast customer looking for faster internet service.  I signed up for the 300Mbs plan and had the installation (drop off + 2 other visits from a tech person) completed.  After a couple of days we could clearly see that on one end of our house we did not get strong enough wifi.  I called tor service and they basically told me they couldn't come (schedule appt.)  because their scan said i had service.  They suggested that I purchase $120 worth of pods but wanted no part of making sure my new service was working well.

So, for the cost of pod extender Comcast is losing a customer.  Maybe these pods cost $10-$30 bucks to comcast?  I was going to pay ~$100/month for the service.  How dumb is this?


Re: Why can't you stand behind your product?

You gateway works properly, doesn’t it? With all due respect, that seems like an unreasonable request on your part. That’s not Comcast’s fault. If I wanted service to my work shed which is nearly 100 ft from my gateway, or to my storage unit which is a mile away, and I refuse to buy an extender or other device that allows me service of some sort, how is that reasonable?
Comcast’s responsibility is to make sure you have service going into the gateway and that it functions properly to give you the Internet service you paid for. If their home WiFi assessment shows you clearly can’t get signal into every corner of your home, then it’s on you to make sure you get that. The Xfinity Pods are a great solution, but there are others, such as mesh routers , Powerline Adapters, wireless access points or even running Ethernet cables, which is what I have done.

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