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Why can't we downgrade to cheaper services?

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Why can't we downgrade to cheaper services?

My promotion is ending and I called to see if I could downgrade to just internet.  Right now I have Blast and Basic Cable.  I never wanted cable to begin with but they offered it as a package for the same pricing or deal that I previously had.  


I explained to them that I am deaf and am on fixed income.  I cannot afford their full price package and don't want to pay for services I don't need.  


Their offer?  Triple play bundle which includes 150 channels of cable AND voice for higher price than what I'm already paying.  I explained that I am deaf, I have no use for voice or more cable.  I don't even watch cable and I haven't even touched their basic cable.  I am feeling very frustrated with this bundle that I don't need.  Why am I paying more for something I don't use?  They insisted that it was the only way.  It doesn't make sense to me.  I don't even use the phone.  Maybe they think I'm lying about being deaf I don't know.  I'll be glad to prove it with some paperwork.  


I just want a simple thing.  All I want is to downgrade to just internet and I'm find with downgrading the speed as well to save more.  


Is there something I'm missing?  I've always paid my bills.  I've been their customer for awhile and there's better package deals for new customers.  






Re: Why can't we downgrade to cheaper services?

Your issue has been escalated to the Comcast Team available to the Forums. A member of that team will reply to your post as quickly as they are able, so check back often.

I am not a Comcast employee; I am just a customer, volunteering my time to help other customers here in the Forums.

If you'd like information about the Expert program, you can find it here.
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Re: Why can't we downgrade to cheaper services?

Hello AggrivatedUser. I can help you downgrade to Internet Only. To go over the pricing and options, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account.