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Why can't customer support give a straight answer? Why are they so un-informed?

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Why can't customer support give a straight answer? Why are they so un-informed?

I have been on phone with comcast for almost 2 hours and spoke to 5 different agent s and all 5 gave me five different answers. In the end, nothing changes. I entere into a promotion in 2018 for a year. Mid period I moved services, and the agent indicated the promotion will be extended through 2020 at your new address. I was like "oh nice. thanks". two months later, I still see old promotion expiration on my bill and called customer support, and the agent on the other end, assured again, " you are correct, your promotion is good until 2020.  Ignore what the bill says". Dumb me, I should not have ignored the bill. Now all promotions ended and my bill went up $30 a month. (from $50 to $83 - incl taxes) Ok call again. 

Agent 1. "I'm sorry I'm not sure why you were told so, but there is no extension of promotion. let me forward to our loyalty team"

Agent 2: Sorry, you were told so, but if I remove an add on, your monthyl bill will be $60 (incl taxes). I'm like, Ok $10? I can manage thanks for that. . Received text msg to approve change, and I see est monthly bill is $70. I ask about the difference and agent, says "oh you are on autopay and you will receive a $10 discount. So it is $70 -$10 =$60. Ok thanks all changes done.

Wait, I never received a discount for being on autopay all along.

Agent 3: you are already on autopay and there is no more discount

Agent 4: your plan will not get $10 discount. it will get only $5 discount as you are on legacy plan. and by the way to get that, you have to unenroll and re-enroll for autopay and eco bill. Ok thanks

But wait, I had to enroll for autopay and eco bill when I moved, so I should have at least received discount for the past few months.

Agent 5: Sorry your rate plan does not qualify for any autopay discount. there is no $5 discount even if you un-enroll and re-enroll.


End of story - nothing changed. total unsatisfied customer support experience. Not frustrated about the rate increase. frustrated about the repeted assurances, that the rate will not go up or you will get this discount that discount and nothing happens.


and in addition, one of the agents, says you can also make changes to your plan using the app or website. and I could never do that. I always takes to "We're sorry. Please call 1-800-Xfinity and one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives can help."


Lost a lot of time for nothing. and did not save a bit