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Who to Contact RE: 2 Maint. Tickets for Failing Junction Box?

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Who to Contact RE: 2 Maint. Tickets for Failing Junction Box?


I’ve had Signal Strength issues affecting most of my TVs since Jan. 2018.  Comcast Techs have been out at least 5 times trying to resolve the issue. ( They’ve been Great, BTW! ) 

They have added Signal Amplifiers, rewired almost my entire home and the problem continues due to what two separate Comcast Techs informed me was my “ Failing Junction Box “. Each issued me a separate Maintenance Ticket in Jan. 2018 and to date, Comcast has not resolved the issue. 


The Techs were kind enough to give me the Name & Number of their Supervisor who has not returned multiple calls. I cannot call Comcast CS as they can only send yet another Tech out who tells me the same thing and apologizes. I’ve had to permanently return 2 of my 5 X1 Boxes as the Signal Strength was too weak to work on the respective TVs.  


The Comcast Techs have exhausted every avenue and now my remaining X1 Boxes require constant restarting or refreshing as they appear “Offline”.  Due to my location I’m certain Comcast will not address this issue as I expect it will cost them far more money than they could ever recoup. Is there any way to contact Maintenance directly to confirm that they either cannot or will not repair the Failing Junction Box so I can go back to FIOS?