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Who handles Gigabit Pro including install?

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Who handles Gigabit Pro including install?

In regards to Technicians and dispatch is it Residential, Commercial or a different department? 


TL;DR : Finally approved for Gigabit Pro, Dispatch initially has no idea, then they do. Tech shows up and has no idea what that is, says he’s here for a Gigabit 1Gbps upgrade.  Did my order get assigned to the wrong team? Or is the system wrong and it’s not available in my area?


I'm asking because I was finally approved for Gigabit Pro. It's like the planets had aligned, my property was in range and I was apparently within construction costs. I had a work order for Gigabit Pro and was waiting for a phone call to get the ball rolling. Eventually I received a call saying they need to re-schedule do to MLK day, so I do.

I then receive a call from local dispatch to confirm my appointment for Gigabit. I ask the dispatcher to clarify and they say 1Gbps. I tell the dispatch I need to make another call, because I already have that package and the order is for Gigabit Pro (2Gbps).

I go through the process of calling and confirming that I have a work order for Gigabit Pro and get a date scheduled; 1-25-2019.


Appointment day – A technician shows up saying he’s here for a Gigabit upgrade. I clarify that I’m looking for Gigabit Pro. The technician has no idea what that is and neither does his supervisor. Technician states that this area is entirely copper and calls dispatch to cancel the order (the dispatcher he spoke with had no Idea what Gigabit Pro was either).



So I’m wondering, did the wrong team get assigned to my order? Or is the system wrong and it’s just not available in my area

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Re: Who handles Gigabit Pro including install?

Thank you for posting, tr8r! Our community team supports Xfinity Forums and Comcast_Xfinity Reddit page. I see that you already reached out to us on a different social media channel and one of my peers is currently assisting you. To avoid duplicate posts on multiple platforms - I will close this post. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me directly in PM. Have a great day!

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