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Where Do I Start!!!!

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Where Do I Start!!!!

To someone that is interested in doing the right thing,


Where do I start?...  A little over three weeks ago I had an issue where my box was doing an update and during the update was got stuck in the update status.  I called in and a tech could not fix the issue.  He recommended getting a replacement box, but I stated I would go to local store next day.  I went there and they had a sign that said permanently closed.  I checked around my area and it appeared all stores even in nearby cities stated closed permanently on the website.  I called back that afternoon, and next tech I spoke with stated they ordered me the box.  This call took place on a Thursday or Friday.  The next week I called back in and the customer service rep I spoke with stated they couldn't find tracking number, but they stated it shipped.  Never received.  Next rep stated she found the order and that it shipped on either the 7/22 or 7/27.  She wasn't real sure herself.  She assured me it was on the way.  Never received.  Next rep I spoke with stated the box showed delivered, but I have been home since March 19th, up until last week and it was never delivered.  She filled out a lost/stolen form and then stated a tech would deliver the box.  This never happened.  Finally, I got an awesome guy that resolved my issue and tech a week later delivered my new box and took the old one.  I have called in up to this point about 6 times and spent about 6 hours on the phone with tech support and customer service.  I then spent about 4 or 5 hours online through chat, because I kept getting disconnected, to get my credits I was due.  I couldn't get a resolution here so I finally called in and spoke with a supervisor.  At this point I was so frustrated with the situation and the amount of time that I had to waste to get a one phone call resolution that I asked for credits due to the inconvenience of Comcast not doing there due diligence.  I was offered $10, I said "no".  Then I was offered $15, and I said you can't be serious.  I asked for this individuals supervisor, and was told $20 was the max.  I asked for this persons supervisor who called me back this evening and stated that he understood my time was valuable and that time was money, but stated he wouldn't give anymore credits.  So basically he told me that although time is money my time wasn't worth anything.  I asked for his supervisor, and he told me to contact corporate. 

Per your website your commitment to every customer is to:

  • Respect your time
  • Simplify your experience
  • Make things right if we fall short

Up to this point I have spent over 10 hours to get my issue resolved, my credits for service, well lack there of, and to finally speak to someone that wants to make the situation right.  I pay my bills on time.  I have quad play service.  I have never been late, and have had service for over 7 years.  I never call into complain unless Comcast has truly caused an issue for me which in the last year I can only think of one other time.  So, per your words where was the respect for time, simplifying my experience, and what happened to making things right when you the didn't fall short but fell off a cliff.  If I had other choices I would pay my cancellation fee and switch in a heart beat.  However, in my area there are few choices.  Looking forward to talking to someone that cares.