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What other alternative is there to a 2-year agreement ?

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What other alternative is there to a 2-year agreement ?

I am hoping some customer service representative(s) from Comcast could help to explain more clearly and in detail the following questions:

(1). Is it true that Comcast recently, (maybe in year 2017), is offering some type of No -Term Agreement' for Internet, TV, and VoIP that's similar in manner to a 'post paid' account ? Please elaborate. (I'm not referring to Comcast's cellular WiFi service or anything else pertaining to cellular hotspot, etc)

(2). How does someone take advantage of this if they are an existing customer and interested?

(3). Is this type of post-paid Account offered only for new customers or can existing customers get in on this ? I'm currently locked into a 2- year agreement, so could someone please provide an explanation?

(4). What services (TV? Internet? VoIP?), are offered under this post-paid Account and also what similarities are there pertaining to tiers and number of Channels offered when compared to those offered under a traditional 2-year contract?

(5). In what states and localities is this offered?

Thank you. I would be greatly appreciative if these questions could be answered in hope to have a better understanding on what this is all about.

Re: What other alternative is there to a 2-year agreement ?

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

I am not an employee.
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Re: What other alternative is there to a 2-year agreement ?

I have a similar question. I am a triple play + home customer. Our house was recently damagedvand we have to move into a rental for 3-4 months. I don’t want to move my current service as I have a smart home and want to keep internet and security active even while it’s unoccupied. Can I get short term (3-4 months) tv and internet at another location while keeping my full service at my home?
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Re: What other alternative is there to a 2-year agreement ?

Hello all,


@jmccutch - You can set up services at a different location with the non-agreement package, so you can set it up and cancel at any time. On your current account, you can set up a seasonal hold. The duration of a seasonal suspend must be set for a minimum of 90 calendar days and no more than 180 calendar days. If you would like to get more details - please send me a private message. We already have an open conversation. 


@IPghost - Are you referring to Prepaid services? We have a Prepaid internet service and Prepaid Instant TV. You can find more information here: But it's a prepaid service not a post-paid one. You can also sign up for a non-agreement promotion so you won't have a contract and you cancel your services at any time. For the Prepaid services you will have to cancel your current account. With the non-agreement promotion - I can check what we have available in your area if you send me your full name, the account holder's name and address as it listed on the billing statement, a phone or account number in a private message. 





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