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What a Mess !!!

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What a Mess !!!

I became an Xfinity mobile customer in April 2018.. in July I was alerted that I was charged $266.13 on my AMEX card by Xfinity.  I immediately discovered someone went into a store in Philadelphia (I live in New Jersey) and bought 3 Iphone 10's with full blown data plans (over $3000) and put them on my account (how do you do that with no documentation???). I called Xfinity and they deactivated the phones, then a week later deactivated MY valid phone also- bottom line is it took them 2 and a half weeks to get my phone to work again- so I had NO phone for 2 and a half weeks; I went out and bought a MagicJack and cheap phone ($50) so I would have some way to call my kids (I live alone).

I made 6 trips to the Xfinity store- an hour round trip each time, and typically spent 2 hours in the store trying to get the problem resolved. I was assured by the store managers I would be compensated for my loss of service and inconvience- a mild word to describe not having a mobile phone for 2 and a half weeks when you are a Real Estate agent.  I finally was given the phone number of the techies at the corporate offices, only to be frustrated by their inabilities to get my service back and the billing squared away. I can't express how frustrated and angry  became.. and then, after it was resolved, "Corporate" offered me $50 for my troubles, to which I replied was an insult because it cost me more than that just for gas going to the Xfinity store- he then said he would get back to me the next day, but I never got a follow-up call.  To add injury to insult, the whole fiasco prevented me from getting my $250 rebate for signing up with Xfinity and they have over billed me more than $100 while trying to straighten out the billing. 

Maybe this post will get someone to finally resolve the whole issue so I do not have to go back to the store or speak to another person to finally put all of this to rest.

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Re: What a Mess !!!

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