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Weird and unhelpful customer service?

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Weird and unhelpful customer service?

My issues stated a month ago when several speedtests showed very low speeds. After several online and phone discussions and modem resets I was advised to swap my modem out for a new one. Simple - drive to store and get it done. Installing new one was easy, but of course it took about an hour or two on the phone for them to get the phone line working. 


Next day I reset the password for the modem from the default and noticed the IPv4 Firewall Security set to "low". Naturally I thought that was a bad thing so I changed it to "medium".  


The weird stuff started when I got a call from Comcast Business (I used to have a comcast business accout. It was cancelled about two months ago) on my HOME phone, which had never been connected to my business. So the guy (who only spoke english very poorly) started rambling about my "ip config security settings" being off. Never heard of such a thing, and I was looking at my router security settings as we were speaking so I told him everything looks fine from my end. He wanted to keep talking, but I had enough - broken english, Comcast Business calling my home number about my home account, rambling about IP config. - I hung up on him, thinking it was a scam. Called and complained to comcast and they thought it was weird, too. 


Had a number of low speedtests so called again (more than once) and complained. Usually a router refresh fixed it (although why my router needs to be refreshed so frequently is beyond me). When I mentioned the weird call from "Comcast Business" and the agent said I should ask for an employee id number next time. 


After not answering another 3 or 4 call from "Comcast Business" (and I checked, the number the call originated from is the 800 comcast business number)  I finally spoke to someone last night. He gave me his name, id number, and department number (supposedly). When I asked what account he was calling about he rambled off a string of numbers that don't match any account numbers of mine. He then started berating me for changing the IPv4 Firewall Security settings  without telling comcast.  I thought the last part really odd - why can't I change my own router settings without telling comcast? THen he said it was MY fault that I was complaining all the time about my internet speeds, and I was the problem. He never really said what it was that he wanted. But then he hung up on me. 


After numerous attempts to speak to someone with a brain at Comcast I've just about given up. I was hoping today to get an American on the line, someone who could give me a straight answer. The only thing I've established after hours on the phone this morning is that changing my IPv4 settings from "Low" to "Medium" should not mess up any services or slow down my internet, contrary to what Mr. Rude said last night. 

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Re: Weird and unhelpful customer service?

At one point I called Comcast support and received someone on the American side who said I didn’t have any tickets open and that Comcast won’t call unless I schedule a call which I had not. My calls were scam calls. Report your calls to Comcast security assurance. .