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Want to Switch to Internet Only



I'd like to switch from my current Triple Play package to internet only. We get 150 Mbps Blast internet, which I'd like to keep. Just over two years ago now when our bill went up a Comcast team member reached out via phone to offer the Triple Play package as my billing amount was about to rise. I didn't previously have voice service (and I have never used it), and stated that I didn't want that, but they told me on order to get my bill to be close to what is was presently this was the best option. Now, two years later my bill has gone up substantially to $173.37/month. That is quite a lot of money to pay for service that I barely use (TV rarely, voice never).


Just spoke with two Comcast reps on the phone and they kept pushing me to upgrade or keep services that I don't want or need. At first they were trying to get me to increase my plan (and monthly cost). I told them that I'm interested in internet only.


I'm frustrated as these reps both stated that the Blast internet only plan (150 Mbps) would be $93.00/month plus taxes. I can see online that there are promos for this exact service that are:



Less $10/month 12 month contract discount

Less $10/month auto bill pay credit

Totalling $50/month


Then add $13 for the equipment rental and it's $63.00/month for the first year and $73/month after that. 


I am very dissapointed that I'm being left out in the cold based purely on the fact that I'd like to get services that I need/use and not get ones that I don't. I see plenty of other forum members posting identical concerns and getting replies from Comcast employees that they DO have a discount beyond what the phone reps quoted, or that they CAN get the deal they saw online.


I just want to keep my internet service, and at a reasonable price. I'm really close to accepting slower CenturyLink internet just to be rid of this headache. If anyone is out there and can help, or recommend what I might try, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Thank you,