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Upgrade Bulk Account Internet Speed - Gigabit

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Upgrade Bulk Account Internet Speed - Gigabit

Good Afternoon.


Long story short, I had Extreme 300 in downtown Chicago.

My building signed a new bulk agreement and agreed on Extreme 150 for all tenants.

My service was downgraded, but our board was told that we would have speed upgrade uptions in the future.

After many e-mails back and forth with our Xfinity Community rep, and multiple phone calls over many months to the bulk department line, there have been no upgrade options for speed given to me.

I was told a couple times that there are no billing codes to accommodate an upgrade path for an extra fee.

I would love to have gigabit speed (which I know is available in the area) for some upcharge fee.

Our infrastructure in the building definitely supports it now (having been completely overhauled).  Can someone from the Corporate team investigate this for me?




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Re: Upgrade Bulk Account Internet Speed - Gigabit


I would like to look into this for you from here. To protect the privacy of your account, please send me a private message verifying your full name, street address including city, state, and zip code (and apartment number if one is associated), and the full account number or phone number associated with your services. To send a private message click on my name, then click private message me.