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Update your modem to get faster Internet speeds

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Update your modem to get faster Internet speeds

"Update your modem to get faster Internet speeds ? at no additional cost to you" Is this fact or fiction?


Re: Update your modem to get faster Internet speeds

The My Devices page on the Xfinity site told me today that my modem/router was out of date and invited me to upgrade.  I said sure.  The site then informed me that I was replacing a TEC TC8305C with an "Xfinity Wi-Fi Device", no model #.  I have no idea what I just agreed to.  I'll find out when I get the new thing next week.  There is plenty of room to improve on the TEC TC8305C.  But in what way?  My internet speed is now plenty fast (120 MB/s) so they must be intending to improve my Wi-Fi.  I guess we'll see.


Meanwhile I'm skeptical that getting a new modem will speed up your internet.  This is dependent on what you pay for.  If you have a low-tier program a faster modem might just get you throttled to the speed you actually pay for.  But I have noticed that ads on TV quite often confuse internet speed with wireless speed.  In fact I think Comcast is prone to do this.  Generally internet speed is described as two numbers, download speed and upload speed.  If your present modem is achieving the speeds you pay for, getting a new one might get improvements in your wireless set up.  Different, better, protocols.  More secure connections.  Dual channel, 2.4G and 5G.  But again this depends on what you pay for.  If your connection is pretty basic, Comcast will almost certainly not send you a state-of-the-art modem/router.

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Re: Update your modem to get faster Internet speeds

Hello all, this promotion is not a scam but it is set up to encourage you to swap your old equipment for new equipment. Some customers are using out of date equipment or devices that are considered "End of Life" (EOL), swapping out your old modem will improve your connectivity and aid in delivering all the speed you subscribe to.

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