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Unusual number of outages

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Unusual number of outages

We have having an unusual number of outages. Our internet keeps going off and then a few minutes later comes back.

This issue isn't just limited to my home. At work, Comcast/Xfinity internet is used for both internet and the phones. When the internet goes out, the phones don't work either. This makes going my job nearly impossible. This internet problem is so bad that we're told to work from home. But that doesn't work for me because when the internet is out at work, it's out at home too.

Xfinity, you need to update the lines (the internet) in Mukilteo, WA and several locations in Everett, WA. It's bad for a business to have no phones or internet. It's annoying at home dealing with constant outages.

Note that one of my coworkers who lives in Everett, but east of where we work has no issues with his internet. So why is the internet so bad near Paine Field?