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We contacted Comcast about 15 years ago and we're told we would have to pay about $2500 to have NEW line ran. Since that time every neighbor around me has gotten comcast/xfinity. Including my father whose mobile home is about 90 yards from my back door, my neighbor to my right, who is about 200 yards away. So I thought it should be available to me now. Well all I can get is told my address is Unserviceable. I was told a tech would come out and recheck but couldn't be given a date or time so that I could speak with the technician. After about 2 weeks I call back and was told my address is Unserviceable. I don't know why I am being discriminated against but is anyone can tell me how to get serviceable I would appreciate it. I live in a single family home.
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Re: Unserviceable?

Hi flake4781, thank you for reaching out and I can review any notes I see with you.  Please send me a private message with your address and name.


Thank you