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Unsafe Utility Pole and Comcast Cable Touching Power Line

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Unsafe Utility Pole and Comcast Cable Touching Power Line

I have been in contact with Comcast numerous times about an issue on my property.  The utility pole that connects to my house, bringing power, phone, cable, etc.  is not in good shape.  The power company condemned the pole due to termite damage.  They installed a new pole closer to the driveway so they could access it with a bucket truck, which I agreed to.  The phone company has moved its wiring to the new pole as well. 


However, after repeated attempts at both in-person at my local service center (this has been going on before the COVID-19 quarantine) and on the phone, I have not gotten anyone to move the cable line.  The power line is touching the cable line at the span between the poles and the house.  The power company placed a makeshift insulator between them; however, nothing is holding it in place.  During my in-person request, I was told that they would be out within two weeks.  That's been a few months.  On one call, I was told to expect a call within an hour.  That's been over a month ago.  Finally, on Monday, I was told they would be here within three days, and that has not happened.  This is an issue that needs to be fixed, and I can include pictures if necessary.  


My only request was/is they call before showing up because I have farm animals, and I need to make sure they are up, and the gates are unlocked for them.  Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.  


Edit:  Still no answer visit from the Comcast crew.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!